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Andreas Cahling has had a strong prescence in the bodybuilding world for over 30 years and is the manufacturer and supplier of the worlds most famous bodybuilding competition suits - Posing Swim Suits of exceptional quality and craftmanship. All suits are made in California U.S.A.

About Andreas' Posing Suits

Andreas Cahling designed his first posing suit over 25 years ago. The craftsmanship and excellent fit soon made his posing suits highly sought-after by professional bodybuilders. Now, Andreas Cahlings' posing suits are preferred by more champions than any other posing suit worldwide.

These suits are not just for the posing dias; they are also designed to be the finest quality swimwear, both durable and attractive. All posing suits are crafted in the United States using the finest fabric and saltwater-treated elastic. They are available in a wide range of colors & sizes. 

The Andreas Cahling Collection. The finest posing suits available anywhere - designed by a professional bodybuilder for bodybuilders.

Andreas Cahling at 55.
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