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Trim Cream - Fat Burner

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Manufacturer: Bannout Nutrition

THE BEST- KEPT SECRET! Remove fat from the spot you apply it on and shrink down fat cell to harden your physique.  Attain onion tight skin quality and helps improve skin elasticity. Trim Cream can be used by competitive fitness/bodybuilders and is safe for both men and women. Spot reduction has never been possible until now, get Trim Cream today!

Net Weight: 8 FL. OZ LIQ/237 ml

Product Details:

After years of research and multiple personnel trials, We believe that Trim Cream is the most potent and effective formula developed today . We discovered  similar formula years ago… Dr. Massimo Spattini is one of the world elite trainer, Sport Medicine Dr. and nutritionist , former Mr. Italy, contributing editor to many Italian Magazines, worked alongside Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout, both have experimented with the earlier formula in the early 90′s, contained DMSO & Yohimbe Chloride back then. The formula worked great, but had some undesirable minor reaction… We since have improved it and went back to the drawing board , worked hard on it, others have imitated us by recreating the older formula… those who copied our original formula has sold them in millions.  We removed both The Yohimbe & DMSO out, thinking health and safety MUST come first before  going out on the market, very good reasons right?… Shortly after Dr. Spattini told me that he was experimenting with Aminophyline  also  3′-5′ Diiodo- L-Thyronine, I read many of his articles, hard to believe, these powerful Amino ingredients can make the old formula very primitive in comparison, we had to add Aminophyline to The formula, to potentiate it’s effectiveness… Few knows the secrets behind this combo, it’s not that easy to combine the right MG and MCG to create the proper balance,  that’s what makes Trim Cream very unique, ( BALANCE) , of course, years of experience, incredible team of contributors, Drs. & nutritionist … YES, Trim Cream is very unique, Dr. Spattini knew very well how to combine and balance Amino Acids, herbs, Vitamins and Minerals,  even in medicine, he worked with skin thyroxin years ago, it worked like magic, no one in the world knew it existed. but that was Medicine, Trim Cream is made  natural and 100% safe and approved ingredients,  Truthfully,  nothing can be compared to Trim Cream… it is super effective and safe beyond your imagination, Please send us your feed back, we know you won’t be disappointed!

Who’s behind Trim Cream:

Dr. Massimo Spattini – President of Italian fitness academy. Professor @ the university of “SAPIENZA” Rome, in wellness and life style. author of Italian best seller The com diet & spot reduction

Samir Bannout -  is former Mr. Olympia, Mr. universe , Mr. World, Author of Mr. Olympia’s Muscle Mastery, Published by (New American Library) forwarded by , Arnold Schawarzennegger. over 40 years in the field of health and fitness, has been featured on over 130 magazines covers around the world, contributed to M & F, Flex, MMI and Iron Man Magazines &  much more to list.


How to use Trim Cream:

We recommend stacking Trim Cream with REPLICA-191 and /or LAVA-ATP, all three work synergistically together, Fat will not stand a chance!

Formulated By BN International LLC & Manufactured in the USA for Bannout Nutrition Inc.


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